About Us

We are Josh and Morgan Blancas and we’re the owners of The Ground Floor in Martinsville, VA. We have three boys: two of them are human and one of them walks on four legs. Our oldest son, Beau, is 3 and our youngest son, Briggs, is 2, and our crazy Silver Labrador is named Finn. 

Before we started The Ground Floor we were living in Houston, Texas. In our previous life Josh worked in Oil & Gas and Morgan worked in Education. We loved our life in Texas, but in 2020 we felt God calling us to something greater. Josh had always dreamt of opening a coffee shop with the mission of impacting a community for the better – and in 2020 the perfect opportunity came along. For us, Martinsville was the perfect size and had the perfect mix of friends, family, and opportunity to make a difference.

So, before we knew it we were cramming everything we owned in a 26ft U-haul and driving halfway across the country in the middle of a pandemic. Our transition to Virginia wasn’t without its fair share of twists and turns but we’re thrilled to be in Martinsville and are convinced the BEST is yet to come for us and for this town.

Our hope is for The Ground Floor to be more than just a place for you to get coffee. Our hope is that you’ll think of our shop as a Gathering Place – a place to connect with the people you love most, a place to share stories, memories, and lots of belly laughs. We hope everyone feels welcome here and like you can be your most authentic self in our shop. We hope you have great conversations and create wonderful things in our shop. Most importantly, we hope you feel like family in our shop, because the second you walk through our doors – that’s exactly what you are.